Saturday, May 9, 2009

Extended warranty (contd)

Hey here's a quick post about the ending to the PC power supply problem previously posted.

The service tech showed up and replaced everything as promised on Wednesday afternoon and did it pretty quickly. Nice.

To recap:
Monday morning: power supply on my main work machine is out.
Tuesday morning: one call to buy something from Dell goes through immediately, and 3 fail to to get to tech support, chat comes to the rescue and the rest is all happy ending. What will I do next time I wonder.
Wednesday afternoon: by 5pm I am good to go again and it was someone else's job to do! And they did it! I didn't have to touch a thing. Woot, so this is what it feels like.

I know I shouldn't be amazed at good service but I am.

Bye bye!
Jim of Jimily

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