Monday, June 1, 2009

Honeymooners (Day 1) Small cave, big heart

Hey all you out there, salutations from New Mexico!

Hurray for vacation, I forgot what it felt like. I like it.

Anyway those that know us know we are on the classic honeymoon trip to the Grand Canyon with stops along the way (which I'll tell you about daily if I can (if our accommodations have internet access that is).

We will make a post about the wedding, with some pics no doubt, after the honeymoon but we wanted to shout a quick thanks to everyone who came and helped. .

But I digress to the Day 1 update
Origination: Junction TX (Days Inn)
Destination: Carlsbad NM (Days Inn)
Stops: Sonora Cavern TX, Guadalupe Mountains Park TX (But juuust barely)

Down to it now: The Junction Days Inn was a pleasant stay, a real decent motel experience.

The first destination was Sonora, TX. There we were told by a friend that there was an excellent cavern to check out there, small but very beautiful. And that was an understatement. If you have the time and or are passing by yes do take the 2 hours out of your trip and go see this. You must, it is amazing. We are told that Carlsbad will be disappointing. Hmm, well I'll tell you tomorrow if we are or not.

It was very good and more than likely the best cave I've been in and growing up we went to many but this one was for lack of a better word was "cozy" and has extraordinary formations. Our tour guide "JT" gave colorful banter about the development and history of the cavern, some explanations of the chemical processes, and having only started 2 weeks ago was a great host and made the experience fun and interesting.

I only have pictures from the first half of the tour. Bah, a battery issue. I took as many pictures as I could before it finally conked out apparently with enough energy to tell me to recharge it but not help me with pictures. Well we'll just have to come back again then. Gasp!

I do have a good one of Emiloo and some other cool ones but I'll post a few here and put the rest in a ppt or something at some future point.

This is a good one of Emiloo and one of the rooms early in the tour.

And here's one of me in another area:

We will definitely be back. I mean really it's only 3 hours away and well worth the $20 fee. Everyone in the visitor's center were very nice and very helpful. They need a better T-shirt selection though.

After Sonora we had some local fare in Ozona which is apparently Sonora's rival as our guide was reticent to suggest we go there for anything. Small towns are intense sometimes.

After we got our feed on we headed west to the Guadalupe Mountains where we walked around looking at the 'Capitan' wall and some of the local flora and fauna.

To the top is a 9-10 hour hike so we'll have to come back for this one again as well.

A bug I haven't identified yet which would aggressively run at me every time I was near them. They were huge! The picture below is taken from about 20 feet away in a boulder field so you can see how scary that could be......

And our new favorite plant, the Apache Plume. It's a desert plant that has white flowers, a fruit and a showy tuft of tufty-like stuff. It's purty. And it helps with a myriad of health problems.

After that we found the Days Inn in Carlsbad, had some dinner and now I'm making the Day1 post. Whew!

Sleep well everyone, we sure will.

Tune in to tomorrow for a Carlsbad Cavern review and a preview of Roswell, our destination tomorrow night. We'll also have a stop at a place called Sitting Bull Falls for some picnic dinner.

Thanks for reading, see you next time

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