Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Honeymooners (Day 3) Alien life

Day 3 Update

Begin: Roswell NM, where it's "all aliens all the time"

End: Holbrook AZ at a Days Inn not known for alien life forms

We awoke pretty early this morning, around 6:30 AM and got ready to go explore Roswell a bit before we left for the Petrified Forest. Breakfast was good at the Days Inn and I filled up my huge coffee cup before we left for the UFO museum.

We walked down the main drag in Roswell and at one of the alien paraphernalia stores on the way to the museum (where you can get decoupaged alien eyes on a smooth rock for $3.99) an out of this world doorman welcomed us in to peruse all manner of alien collectibles:

Then it was off to the museum! Neat place the UFO museum, a bit repetitive but neat. I saw some interesting things and learned a great deal of publicly known information about that fateful night in 1947. Foof they have a good deal of things to read, and some video. We didn't do the audio tape tour and that was a good decision as I overheard someone complaining about it's content. Caveat emptor.

You can laugh as long as you don't point dear!

We loved the gift shop in the museum and purchased the requisite t-shirt and blow up alien. You heard me.

Then it was off to Holbrook that would set us up for the Petrified Forest. Somewhere along the way we stopped at a delightful diner named Penny's for lunch. I had a Buffalo burger and it was great! Em had a Taco salad that was ok.

Later we actually had to pass through the park's area to get to Holbrook and we arrive there 20 minutes before they close the park. We got a little preview of the Painted desert during sunset (was or is the header picture for the blog for a day), and then drove the rest of the way out of the park to go find our hotel in Holbrook.

In Holbrook we found a great restaurant named Jerry's (which we ended up eating at again after the grand canyon). So if you are in that area check them out. The Day's Inn in Holbrook was another good experience.

Next morning is the Petrified Forest!

See you then!


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