Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Honeymooners (Day 7) The trip is over but the honeymoon continues

The last day of the honeymoon adventure

Sunday 6-7-09

Beginning at the Davis mountains near McDonald observatory

Destination: home sweet home.

I think I forgot to say where we stayed last night, it was at the Stoney Ridge Tourist Camp and was a very good stay I must say. The rooms are varied, some small to large, not all have a private bathroom. And then there is a screened in room called a 'camp room' that is super cheap. It's about 20 min from the observatory and had decent prices even for the big rooms with bathrooms like ours. We'll be staying back here when we come back in the future. One of the things I liked best was that we got in late last night and they accommodated us with no problem. Anyone who doesn't hassle me while I'm on vacation is tits in my book.

After a good night's sleep we went next door to get some breakfast. I happened to hear some septuagenarians saying how good it was while loading into their ubiquitous Buick and Cadillac. I took that as a thumbs up from a typically discerning bunch. And they were right, the breakfast tacos were huge and had that taste you only get every once in awhile from food - perfection. They had great coffee in big cups and liter cokes made with real sugar in a cooler just 3 feet away. I resisted buying them all (knowing you have a problem is half the battle.) Soon there will be an organic grocery store in front of the motel too we hear.

Once we were completely satiated in the hunger department we packed up our sundries and made for home. I found a teeny little LED flashlight in the parking lot that had the batteries loaded wrong so it didn't work. I put them in right and tah-dah I have a teeny red flashlight for reading the star chart we purchased the previous night as a parting gift. Thanks!

We left a tip for Consuelo the roomkeeper and will definitely be back for the whole McDonald Observatory tour and stuff. The Davis mountains are right there too so to us that sounds like a future trip. This was a nice place to stay and worthy of a stay for foray's into the local area.

The final leg was not too bad of a drive, all the major mileage had already passed by in the previous days. The Dodge purred the whole way and made for a comfortable transport. We rolled into the ranch at 5ish and were glad to be home.

Actually we stopped by the pavilion in Tarpley and took a picture of the wedding sign, where all of these shenanigans began. And again we want to thank everyone who took time to spend with us one of the most special moments in our lives and one we will cherish always. We love you all.

I'll bend Em's arm and make her do the wedding post soon. And if anyone has pictures they'd like to forward that would be fabulous too.

See ya!


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