Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Caught in the act!

Hey again,
I thought you would like some more of the swarm pics to digest seeing as it was a momentous occasion and all.

This'll be quick as it's lunchtime--ready---go!

This is me squirting them with the sugar water

And here I am kind of catching the big lump of them and pulling them off the branch with one of the frames from the hive. They just came off in balls, sugary buzzing balls. Wait that doesn't sound right.

I've almost got all of them by this time

From the other side

Back on the ground, a seasoned beekeeper helps close up the hive while I hold the buzzing time bomb.
("Modern bombs don't tick.")

Closing up.

That's all it took. And it only took about a half an hour, maybe a bit more but it went smooth as beeswax. Well you know what I mean.

Jim of Jimily

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