Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hive Deux Redux

Big buzzing yoohoo to y'all!

Ok so this is an update to the wild swarm caught the other day. I have fed them once and this was the second check-up.

Wow there's a buncha bees in that hive! It is still amazing to me even after seeing it a few times already. The swarms I started off with were nowhere near this size and it's just amazing to think that the swarm I caught was merely a portion of an active wild hive somewhere else that is once again rebuilding it's numbers in the same comb these girls came from.

Over here in this hive they are once again doing their thing. Upon opening the hive I find many on the inner cover, and upon lifting the inner cover I find they too have built comb on it in the top hive feeder area just like the last bees. Sigh, my intensive dislike for the top hive feeder has once again been ratcheted up a notch. "Remind me to burn these."

However, I want to take a different tact this time with these (meaning I didn't just want to tear it all out like last time). The reason is I found only a small bit of comb in the bottom area and a good size chunk up in the top. So last time there were many pupae up in the top and I'm afraid my removing of that comb made them weaker (yes I have blame issues.) For now I will leave it and allow them to fill that small area hoping that once in the swing of things they will do the right thing and move down below somewhat like last time.

Here's a pic of the second check of Hive 2 showing the bottom of the inner board with the comb:

That what you are looking at is 4 combs about 3 inches long which is just short enough to fit into the space of the feeder where the sugar water goes. Well, I suppose I'll just put less in each time and hope for the best. :)

Take care everyone, thanks for stopping by!

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