Monday, July 6, 2009

There is no such thing as a free puppy

Happy 4th of July everyone! I hope your holiday was safe and entertaining wherever you were.

We were invited to an independence day soirée here in the Tarpley area by the fire chief of the Tarpley VFD. As expected it was on a pretty good size ranch where we were treated to hamburgers, potato salad and rattlesnake. Woot rattlesnake! For me it's another one of those things you can check off the list as it was like eating a tough greasy perch. The meat wasn't bad really, most of what I tasted was the seasoning, but sheesh all those bones. It's the same reason 'wings' don't turn me on as the meat:effort ratio is way out of whack.

It is notable that it was collected right there on the ranch so it was fresh and you know how I like to support local foods! And I suppose if I were caught out in the desert and was hungry I'd eat one in a second. Damn right and it would taste like victory. At the moment it tasted like spicy chicken.

While were there we were given the hard sale to take a puppy home with us. Initially we said no but soon our hearts melted when we saw her. Not at all what you would expect from a Border Collie. She's got great markings, just not standard which for BC's is just fine, they work and aren't bred cuz they are pretty, that's an added benefit. :)

She was found in Centerpoint TX by a Cedar clearing company person who then brought it to the ranch cuz he knew they had dogs already...Aaanyway they didn't want her as they already had enough dogs (you saw that coming right?) and thus the dog was 'your dog' as soon as we got there.

She is about 10 weeks old everyone thinks and her name is Boulle which is pronounced Boo-LEE and means "Little Ball" in French because as you would guess she reminded me of a little fuzzy ball when Em was cradling her. Awwww goes the crowd.

So here she is, we have fallen hard for her and you will too.

Boy this puppy flavored water is mm mm gooood!

My girls

Sizing up the future (X2)

So there she is, isn't she cute? We definitely think so.
See ya!

PS Check youtube for some really great videos of BC's working and goofing off.

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  1. A good friend of mine says that the universe will present you with exactly what you need. Especially a fuzzy companion. She adopted you, aren't you lucky. Too cute. Em, wishes really do come true. Congratulations and let the games begin.