Thursday, December 3, 2009

Back attack!

Wow it's been awhile since I have relayed any of our activities and for that I apologize. For the handful of you actually reading I thank you for keeping the faith and continuing to follow.

Where to begin. Well the biggest thing going on now is what people round these here parts call 'kidding season'. No friends that's not where you tell slightly off-colored jokes to loved ones in the guise of good fun. No citizens to us it means we are approaching one of the bus stops in the circle of life. Birth.

Aaanyway you don't know probably because I may have not told you yet but back in September we had an addition to our ragtag herd of Iris and Fern and that addition was two more purebred Nubians bringing our count to four. They arrived pregnant which is also awesome.

Here's a nice picture of Plum:

And the sweetest goat ever, Peach:

So in case you don't know typically goats will have on the average of two kids per season so by Peach and Plum arriving with buns in the oven we have a chance to have an additional 4 kids! However, since they are 'timers' (first time birthers) they will more than likely have one each. Still, a very good deal for pure bred goats.

And speaking of Iris and Fern they too are now pregnant. We took them for 'dates' when they were in season. Iris (our red Nubian) was bred to 'Bobby' who is a spotted Nubian Buck as shown here. She's gonna have some crazy patterned kids, I can't wait.

Fern (our blonde Nubian-Toggenburg mix) was bred to a different goat named Archie who was more her color and pattern, but with her mix who knows what the kids will look like.

So now we wait. Because of the breeding schedule we will have births starting in Feb (Peach and Plum), March (Iris), and April (Fern).

And for those of you playing at home you should also realize the milk bar will soon be open. And the cheese will begin to flow as well. There will be more than enough Ricotta to go around, put your standing orders in if you want some. (Friends and family only please (as if anyone else reads!))

We have indeed been busy lately, the Thanksgiving holiday is past and we are planning for Christmas and New Year's Eve activities. Foof I think we are booked solid into 2010.

Ok I'm gonna stop there and post again tomorrow about some other topic (maybe heh.) Oh and before I forget to say something about it-I am no longer using the electric cigarette thingy I got back in July so I am free of nicotine as well in case anyone was waiting for some news on that.

That's it, see you again real soon. Thanks again for stopping by, take care,
Jim of Jimly


  1. Sign us up for some goat milk and/or cheese please! I have plans to start making cheese when we get home.

  2. Absolutely! It will be good to have y'all back in the neighborhood. See you soon!