Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas 2009, where were you? Together

Hello all and Merry Christmas(tm)!

Well no update in a few days you say. Yes, all apologies. We have been so busy obviously and relieved that everything else melted away.

So down to it then: Mom has been up and walking or ambulating as the professionals call it. She gets breathing treatments to keep her oxygen levels up, all the stitching is holding and all vitals look normal. They of course wake her up 4 times a night which I would think was contraindicated to mending wounds and healing, but I'm just some guy off the street. At the moment we are waiting for certain functions to return before we can start looking to go home. Ta-dah!

Yep that's really it. It has been smoother than smooth and all that hear the tale are amazed, which is a justified position I believe. But if you know me you know I'm still holding my breath, hopeful and faithful, but still watching. If you want to send shrubberies etc contact me or leave a comment here and I can forward you the hosp info.

Em has been wrapping the presents and we're having Christmas at the hospital. It's the same really anywhere we are, right? One difference though is the amount of cookies that will be eaten as like camping you take everything in with you and bring out what you don't use. Another is that open flames are unadvised due to the reduction of kindling temperature of all items in this oxygen enriched atmosphere that exists there.

One last item I wanted to note: Mom is also in a semi-private room and her neighbor's name is Storm. The lady is 89 and is still full of spunk. Good to see. But with her name I suppose you always have to be on, even in the hospital. You know, always on and living up to their name, like someone with the name Doombringer complaining of diarrhea. Hmm on second thought if you meet someone that is named Doombringer and complains of diarrhea I would turn around and run away. I'm off subject again aren't I?

Aanyway all the animals are good. They have had to adjust their expectations on the schedule a bit but all are doing fine. It did freeze here again last night so the morning's feeding was frigid.

That's all I got at the moment, and we are about to leave for the hospital. Thanks again for stopping by, leave a comment if you have good wishes for Mom.

Merry Christmas!

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