Saturday, December 26, 2009

Staying the course, the benefits

Good morning all, I hope recovery from all the Christmas fun is going well,

'Second verse same as the first'

Just got off the phone with Mom and now she's getting to eat solid food, and the other end of the Alimentary canal is functioning too. This is a critical milestone after having your guts laid out on the table to get them out of the way during the surgery and then having them placed back into your body afterward. It's like repacking your vacation clothes, they never go back in exactly the way they came out.

The word is that if all continues as it has been she will get sprung out of there tomorrow at some point. This is great news to all and to her most of all. She's anxious for the ranch the same way we are whenever we get too far away but she's been away for days so we can understand the magnitude and urgency of returning home.

Before we go to the hospital today the regular chores are completed and some welding on the new buck pen can be done as I received my replacement acetylene torch cutter the other day. It is still very cold and we woke up to 20 degrees this morning making chores just that much more fun.

That's all for now, thanks for keeping up!

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