Thursday, December 31, 2009

This is the end

Hello all and Happy New Year to you!

For us this new year we will be making moves on our future family life of running a dairy and making cheese for the peoples. Becoming more sufficient. Slowing down and trying to live instead of just survive. Break away, regardless. We'll see how much of that we can accomplish, wish us luck. And good luck to you too.

As for tonight we are staying in away from the characters found in town. It's cold too and the wind is blowing fiercely so staying inside is the wise choice. And ya know Mom is still mending so we're not venturing far anyway. The best place to be is right here snuggling with Em watching "Julia and Julie" which of course makes me want to buy all of the Julia Child DVD's of her cooking shows.

In whatever you do this evening and this year be safe, take care, and have a Happy New Year. Bye y'all!


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