Friday, December 4, 2009

Where's your float

Hello sports fans and welcome to another installment of life out here.

As you may know we (by we I mean Em and me) are volunteer firepersons and the department was invited to participate in the Hondo Christmas Parade. This annual event was a few weeks ago on November 21st when the weather was being nicer.

We dressed up one of our older active trucks called a 'brush truck' which is used, as you might guess, to go into the brush to put out fires. It's quite the hardy vehicle, stout, chunky and solid riding on 1970's technology so you know it's got to be good. As a side note for me this is the truck I fought my very first fire from and now the first parade I've ever driven a vehicle in as well. And I got to run the siren too! But I digress.

We started by decorating the truck with garlands that had white lights embedded in them. Then came the blue icicle lights. Both of these were strung around the top edge of the truck so as not to chance any of it getting tangled in the wheels or some other disaster caused by the proverbial loose end. And last was the tree adorning the top of the truck garnished with white and colored strings of lights and topped with a fire helmet. Bermuda Dave made them all blink which was an awesome thing to behold. We had to do some finagling to get it all to work without blowing fuses but in the end the truck sang with a good bit of Christmas glee.

Along for the ride were Em, Boulle, Morgan, and Bermuda Dave.

Em was the photographer so we don't see her recorded here. Thanks honey!

We lined up two hours before the start of the parade, and we were #2 so that meant we would be done second of all the floats. The way we lined up was cool as we got to drive past all of the other floats as we started the parade. There were some really neat floats, a band who accompanied the initial announcer (who I think we made deaf, heh), some angels, some lowriders, and a marching band too!

Once it began the parade only took about 15 minutes to go through the whole route (at 5 mph no less) but from the perspective of the parade watcher it took somewhere around an hour or more. We were following the Hondo FD and both trucks were making quite the cacophony. I think I deafened Dave and Morgan a bit as they were riding on top, and Boulle didn't like one of the sounds the siren made so I tried to use it sparingly but when you see kids rabidly pumping their arms up and down what are you gonna do? Yep, blast the siren.

After completing the circuit we managed to find our vehicle and we made the sojourn back to the station where we de-Christmased the truck and put it away to be ready for another day. All in all that was a very good way to spend a Saturday afternoon/evening. Hopefully we will be invited back again next year, I'd go for sure.

Well that's all for now, I gotta get some sleep, tomorrow bright and early I'm in more training for vertical rescues. It's supposed to be 17 degrees in the morning...hurray for that. Please send me warm thoughts tomorrow!

Thanks for stopping by!
Jim of Jimily

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