Saturday, January 2, 2010

Before I forget, projects projects projects

Hey everybody!

Hope everyone is recovering from all the New Year's eve and New Year's Day activities you participated in.

I decided to take a minute to jot down some things before I forgot to talk about them again, and it's still freezing outside too and I don't wanna go back out there. Em is making lemon bars with the one lemon picked from the lemon tree Mom has.

Yesterday we spent the day painting on the new buck pen we have been building for a bit. It is to house one of Mom's new bucks named Marcelo, who will be joined by a wether named 'Pretty Boy' who is playing the part of life partner. We'll be doing some more of that work today and putting the final touches on the pen so we can store him there until next season. I'll have some pictures later maybe.

And the 'before I forget' topic is about a couple of requests from friends and family. We need to stock up on two things: egg cartons and single gallon water jugs. Not used milk jugs but empty Ozarka like water jugs. If you weren't into recycling those already please save them for us as we will need tons of them this coming year. Thanks, we'll pick em up!

And if I haven't said yet we are planning to get some chickens this year too. The main pasture needs some fetilizer/tilling work (as in the drought really did it in) and we like the idea of fresh free-range eggs. The idea to kill two birds with one stone, if you'll pardon the phrase, is to build a chicken tractor that the chickens live in, and have the ability to move it around and thus fertilize and work the pasture over at the same time. The movable chicken hen house will be safe from the Red Tailed Hawk population we have around here, and hopefully safe from other nighttime marauders like raccoons. We'll see, that's yet another project that's stacking up so stay tuned for developments over the next month.

Speaking of projects currently running I also have some milking stands that need to be built at least by February which are being made of 1" square pipe. The milking stand serves to hold the goats head steady while the other end is being milked. In our case we will be using a machine to do all the work as it is quicker and potentially has many less contamination vectors than hand milking. It's a good thing and I'll talk more about that as the day approaches.

We should be done with the buck pen today, then the milking parlor is up with the milking stands being fabricated somewhere in there. Oh yeah did I mention we had a house to build at some point too? Man.

Enough stalling, I think the temperature is above freezing now so we gotta get to it. That's the thing about living out here, if you're bored there is always something to do and even of you're not see what I'm saying.

I might make a second post later today with pictures if you promise to come back. :P

Take care, thanks for stopping by,

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