Friday, January 8, 2010

I have to love my dog.

Howdy friends and neighbors,

I'll be covering a bit of "Sh*t, I didn't know that could happen." today.

As you know we are preparing for the milking season and the current thing I'm doing is constructing the milking stands, I even posted a picture. Today I go back up to Utopia to pick up some more of that 1" square pipe. I get it all loaded onto the trailer and go to write the check to pay for it.

This is when the fun begins. What I neglected to tell you is the fun factor that we call Boulle went with me. Picture this bundle of energy bouncing from side to side in the cab of the truck trying to see what I was doing. Yes, you guessed it she locked my door. Hmm, damn that's new.

So I go back inside the office and call Em to see if she had brighter ideas than I, unfortunately she didn't, sigh, so I caught a ride from the kind shop owner back to the house to hang out. Boulle had a fur coat and it wouldn't be long before Em and the extra key would be home. The end.

Well that was a good life lesson with little penalty. The pipeyard is really only 10 minutes away. I put a check in the little mail slot for the piping, Boulle only ate about 1 hour later than usual, and everything is back home and normal. The thing hurt the most is my pride I suppose. How was I to know I was supposed to train Boulle to unlock the door before today? Wait, was that the lesson?

Anyway I now have my pipe for the second stand and can work on it this weekend some more. We still have to find time to build some extra barns for the incoming goats. And if you are following our local weather we should dip into the single digits tomorrow. Awesome. Screw dat, I'm going to be inside welding. :)

Oh and I might make a little no-knead bread. Look it up, it's easy.

Thanks for stopping by!

PS We made cucumber/avacado/crab 'with a K' rolls the other night, and it was good good good.

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