Monday, January 18, 2010


Hello again sports fans and welcome back to Kidding Season 2010!

I figured since it was Monday and not much happened I would post some factoids about what is about to start happening. >dramatic sting> Kidding season.
No it's not where I magically become jovial all the time and never truly mean anything foul that I say expecting an understanding level well beyond most Ghandi level pacifists. No, what it means is that baby goats are called 'kids' and the birthing of previously mentioned 'kids' is called 'kidding' and since it happens during a specific time of year it is called 'kidding season'.
Now that we have some of the nomenclature out of the way I will say that this is the best time of year, the hardest time of year, and most of the reason one does this kind of stuff during the years. Even the hardest hearts can melt under the coercive powers of a fluffy baby goat asleep in your lap. The circle of life does have it's ups and downs and this is the season it can go either way, sometimes a bit of both. It does have an indescribable allure. But I have strayed again and must return to a discussion of facts.
Now, the current KS10 facts as we see them:

Breed: Nubian, Pure Blood, Registered
Bred: 9-22-09
Due: 2-20-10
Bred to: Stryker
Notes: purchased already bred, disbudded, super sweet, great expectation here, loves breakfast


Breed: Nubian, Pure Blood, Registered
Bred: 9-21-09
Due: 2-19-10
Bred to: Sinbad
Notes: Arrived already bred, distinct Black and Tan coat, disbudded, tall. Only goat with a hit on Boulle.

"Iris", codename "Princess":

Breed: Nubian (unregistered)
Bred: 10-17-09
Due: 3-16-10
Bred with 'Bobby' of Utopia, spotted black/red coat
Notes: First goat in the herd, wild but needy, unknown parentage, was a triplet and was the smallest one. Shares the same father as Fern (explained below). It is quite possible her kids will be black with white and red polka dots. Woot!

Fern, codename 'Enforcer':

Breed: Nutogg (Nubian, Toggenburg cross)
Bred: 11-10-09
Bred to: Archie of Utopia, also blonde
Notes: mother was a blonde Toggenburg, and shares the same father as Iris. Was a twin, the smaller twin.

Flashback --> Fern and Iris' father was a Nubian that jumped the fence and part-ayed with both of their mothers in one decadent run. You can tell in one way - both Iris and Fern have a white topnotch that matches their father's, otherwise they are completely different . The sister from another mother is their tale.
Well that's how it all breaks out. And at the moment you know as much as we do about what will happen in the near future. We can hardly wait.
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  1. A Nubian (or more exactly Anglo-Nubian) is a breed of goat which originated from a cross of British and African goats, Wikipedia even has a page about them: Nubians are known as dairy goats as well as meat goats, on the other hand Toggenburgs and Alpines are mostly dairy type goats. The other herd we have here on the ranch is all Boers. These are meat goats and are eaten all over the world as the regular meat. They are much bigger and more muscled than the average dairy goat.

    There are all kinds of breeds of goats that come from all over the world, even some that are very small like Pygmy goats and ones that faint!

    Thanks for the question Craig!