Thursday, January 7, 2010

Milking stands

Evening folks, I hope this cold night is treating you kindly,

Just a quick note tonight: As promised the milking stand in progress:

I still need some work on the part that moves to cinch the head in so that'll be the next part, then I can start on the second one. The Milwaukee chop saw you see there behind the stand has made the job much easier to get exact length pieces. And the drawing you see is a Google Sketch-up drawing that also made the designing of the stand super easy.

For those of you still wondering Mom is coming along pretty good. This time mending won't go as fast as when she had her spleen blow up a few years back but with time she should be back to herding the goats.

Ok that's all I got tonight, I'm headed off to bed. See ya and thanks for stopping by!

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