Saturday, January 30, 2010

Moving right along - Canyonero!

Hello again,
Em is away probably hanging out with the majority of the followers of this blog as she is at a family wedding. I needed to hang back and take care of things while Mom is on the mend, but I am thinking happy thoughts for the betrothed couple. Have fun guys!

Just a quick note this evening as I am neck deep in USDA regulations learning "the Ordinance" which outlines all things clean and dairy. It's interesting actually (that doesn't make me sick does it?) I'm watching old Simpsons episodes as well hence the post's title.

And a milking stands training update: Fern is doing the best and literally vaults up onto it and sticks her head in the bucket. That says "I'm ready to eat now!" to me. The other three on the other hand I still have to coax up onto the stand, but they are coming along. I'm on day 2 of doing it morning and evening so I'm pleased so far at their progress. We have 20 days to work up to milking activities still.

Oh and something Em showed me that I want to show you which is the video I have watched again and again gleaning ideas and techniques from. I am super duper impressed with the setup fantome farms has. Here is the link to the video, it's on facebook but you don't have to be logged in to watch it.

Hugs to the newlyweds, may they have a happy life together!
Hugs to everyone else too I suppose. :P
Bye bye, thanks for stopping by,

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