Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Seeing double - Milking stand update

Howdy howdy y'all,

Today is another short note and update on the milking stands. Now there are two. Tah-dah!

I figured out how I wanted to do the head cinchers finally. However, I still need to figure out how to lock the head gate in place. I have all kinds of ideas, we'll see how I feel after sleeping. :)

Next I need to figure out how to mount the feed bucket on the front so they will eat while they are up there. I think a bolt with a fender washer will do it, now I just need a bucket. "Garcon, bucket pour le monsieur!"

And depending on if there is some dairy regulation or not I might make where the goats stand out of plywood. I was planning on expanded metal (like on BBQ grills) but it turns out to be super expensive. Then paint and they are all ready for test runs. We're going to Home depot tomorrow night to go screw hunting and paint buying.

I wanted to be ready earlier so the goats would be used to walking over to the barn, mounting the stand, and having breakfast while their head is locked down. At least the calmer goats (Peach and Plum) will be the ones that will get to use it first and that should help me develop a technique as well.

I guess you might be asking "Why two stands?" which is a very good question. Well the answer is simple. Our milking machine milks two goats at a time, so two stands to handle the two goats being milked at the same time. However, since we have 4 goats I will have to do a cleaning of the equipment before I can do the second round of milking, which is still fine as it would be better than hand milking all 4, or even one. I saw a video of a milking parlor that did 3-4 goats at a time and was lifted a bit off the ground like a cat walk. It was most excellent.

Wish me luck on finishing, time is running out!
Thanks for stopping by!

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