Sunday, January 17, 2010

Takin care of business

Hey everybody,

Today was a day for finishing and we actually made some real headway on some of the open projects we had going.

For example, one big project that has been going on was the new buck pen for Mom's new billy goat which has taken quite a bit of time but is finally finished. Boulle helped us move Marcelo (the new pure bred Boer buck) and Pretty Boy (another Boer but not full blood) as company previously stated as 'Life Partner'. Remember PB is a wether, a male goat whose testicles have been removed. This is done for show goats and for companion goats, which is the one he is. Apparently goats can get lonely and destructive, so having a friend to hang out with keeps them calmer.

And over on our side we split a 16x8 goat barn (the one we used to call the 'donkey barn') into two 8x8 rooms. One room is for Iris and Fern, the second is for Peach and Plum. The reason for this is because Iris and Fern have horns, and Peach and Plum do not. In a fight this is a pretty good handicap and goats do solve issues head to head. We call Fern 'the enforcer' so that tells you a little about the aggression level she carries. In WOW terms it's easy to aggro this mob. So, you know, gotta keep em separated.

The original front entrance to the goat barn.

So now we have two pens and are fairly sure each has enough room for themselves and their impending kids. We need a gate and something for hay and we'll be all set over there.

The last thing is we (when I say we I mean Em) gave Peach and Plum their Covexin 8 shots. That is a general vaccination shot that does a few things for the goats and if you read the label it says this: "For the vaccination of healthy cattle and sheep against diseases caused by Clostridium chauvoei, Cl. septicum, Cl. novyi Type B, Cl. haemolyticum (known elsewhere as Cl. novyi Type D), Cl. tetani and Cl. perfringens Types C and D." Which are all bad for goats. The label calls for a subcutaneous shot but those are nothing but trouble to us and, in our experience, have caused many absesses and we'd rather just do without that. Besides, every old goat person we talk to just shoots the muscle and doesnt mess with under the skin shots. So shall we not also.

Other than that Mom had a visit from the neighbors and speaking of mom she went for a walk to check out the pens and say hi to the goats, it was good for her to get some fresh air and it perked her up a bit too. Yeah, she'll sleep well tonight as that's as far as she's gone since the operation.

Tonight Em is researching grant money for farm startups like ours to see if we qualify for any. It would be nice to be able to cover the costs of some of the equipment that way as opposed to the credit card route like all other startups do. Wish us luck!

Well it's late and we need sleep, thanks for coming by and reading, have a good night.

Oh btw we had 2.5" of rain from that storm system on Wed and Thursday. :) Bye bye!


  1. Well, well. Seems you guys are becoming quite the goat pros, I'm impressed and very stunned as well. Jim, love, you just would never have struck me as the farmer type....I love it. Goats can be pretty lovable pets too.

    I know, I'm married to one........*ROFL*...must be....since we are always buttin' heads.

    Good Luck on the grant search, I really hope you find one.....and tell Em that if during her search if she crosses one for a plant nursery startup by a woman.....let me know......

    Love, Ann (Gique's mom)

  2. Thanks! Yes, birds of a feather as they say. :)

    And as a female you have more ability to get govt funding for pretty much anything. If I were you I would read the farm bill that is out. We seem to be headed towards a grant as 'new ranchers' but failing that 'disadvantaged' status includes the female gender so we will see.

    And for your specialty there must be a growing hunger for heirloom plants and thus seeds for all the 'grow it yourselfers' that are sprouting up amongst all the fervor of a tainted food supply. The farmer's market is an interesting possibility if you like that sort of venue.

    Best wishes, thanks for reading,
    Jim of Jimily