Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Winter is full on

Dang it was 18 this morning and it showed.

It's headed into some cold days ahead so I'm really happy to be almost done with the buck pen. I have been welding the milking stands indoors and they are coming along nicely, I should have pictures in a day or so.

We have been talking and making measurements for the milking parlor and want to begin construction soon. The stands are first so they are getting more attention at the moment. We also have to move the door to the bathroom as you cannot have a bathroom that opens directly into the milk room (which I need to clarify but I think so far it is the milk handling room, not the milk parlor.)

We ordered the milking machine from Hoegger goat supply today which will help a bunch once we get going. I also ordered the syringes and needles, some antibiotics, some teat cleaning solution, some iodine solution etc to start getting ready for kidding season which should start in about 43 days for us and about 60 days for the other herd of Boer or meat goats.

It's getting exciting now, if you've ever had a dog that had puppies it's kinda the same. Will we have one? Two? Females? Will they have two heads? I can't wait. These will be special, these are our first of many in this endeavor and with any luck the first of many.

I'll talk more about it again soon, but now--the Lemon bars Em made from that one lemon off the Meyers Lemon tree which I think is the same one you see in the beginning of 'Waterworld' on the boat:

Which were super yummy awesome. :) Word.

Thanks for stopping by, be safe everyone!

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