Saturday, January 9, 2010

You had what planned?

Heya everyone, and welcome to another session of 'what's on your plate'.

Did you wake up with water this morning? We did not. No matter if you live in the city or the country not having water the first thing in the morning can be annoying. Especially if you know for sure you didn't go to sleep in a third world country.

I did expect it to be cold, it was 9. The lack of water was a surprise and I'm one of those people that doesn't like surprises all the time (rewind to Boulle and the truck, my Mom's surgery, you see what I'm saying). Sheesh, we hadn't even fed the goats yet.

Ok fine then we got up and got all bundled up making ready for the impending foray into the cold.

Finding the problem was pretty easy after we defrosted some of the main pipes and looked for the leak. You see this set of pipes was not insulated all the way and whalla a frozen part occurred and busted one of the PVC pieces. Actually it was kinda a good thing everything was frozen as if it weren't we would have no doubt emptied the water table if the pump ran all night on a broken pipe. So, hurray for that I suppose.

I couldn't work on the broken pipe from inside the well house. Well I could have but it would have been a super pain and lately my back has been hurting so stooping is a definite problem. The solution for this was to open the wellhouse from the outside and deal with the break that way.

View from the doorway:

Outside we go

And after a bit of replacement plumbing we're ready to close up

Like it never happened, but now fully insulated

Well once again it is late and I've run short on time so I have to say goodbye for now. Maybe tomorrow I can start on today's list.

See ya! Stay warm everyone!

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  1. Our water also shut off during this freeze. Luckily nothing burst, though. Heath taped a hair dryer to the pipe and after a few hours we had water again.