Tuesday, January 26, 2010

You want goats? I'll get yer goats

Hello to the crowd out there!

I thought it about time to post up some pictures of the other herd. By 'Other herd' I mean the herd of Boer Goats that is also here. They are Mom's and the main herd and are by far the highest percentage of the population round' here as you will see. They are mostly all pregnant except for Maggie and Hannah so we expect about 16-18 kids from the rest of these. There is another 5 yearlings that are pregnant as well and I'll post about them separately.

Here we go:

Imogene - More than likely in charge of the herd at this point

Maggie - older sister to Imogene, and not pregnant. We believe she aborted one day about 6 weeks ago for unknown reasons. Which is probably ok as she is getting older and skipping a year may do her good.

Sugar - nice looking middle management goat who always has nice kids and takes care of them. She is called Sugar because of the speckling of white on her ears.

Joy - a strange goat raised on another ranch, she came to us by way of a trade. She reminds me of Pookie in New Jack City. And if you look at her face straight on it looks like her nose was broken at some point because it kinda points to the left. She definitely behaves differently that's for sure. Nurture wins out over Nature here as the goats that grow up here seem more willing to be calm and friendly as opposed to rifling your pockets for food. She's a good goat though and this is her second year.

Emily - A pretty goat, another middle management goat, although seems more kind than others. Last year she had triplets so we are hoping she doesn't do that again.

Dixie - The last "Paint" we have. She's a good mother and takes care of her kids. She usually has an all brown one which is always cool. I think she is related to Gretchen somehow as they have the same eyes.

Gretchen and Girl - Gretchen (eating) has always been a good goat, this is her second year. Last year some of you may remember us talking about a goat we named "Tug". He was a large male I had to pull out of her her first year. She's a little bigger now so we will see if she has the same issues now. And by the looks of her she has 2 buns in the oven.
Girl is the one on the right. A solid Boer representation. Stocky, meaty, just all around solid meat goat. Her kids are usually pretty large although she has boys usually which typically take the trip to the market.

Hannah: Long time leader of the herd now getting on in years. She too is not pregnant but it's not for not trying. She was all over Duncan for what seemed the whole time he was out with the herd. And nothin. Well in any event she has been looking a tad ragged this past year so maybe skipping would be good. She is a good goat to the humans but can be brutal to the others and rules with an iron hoof. We'll watch her and see what happens this coming year.

Well that's all for now. Because of intermittent connectivity issues it has taken me three tries to post this. (We are calling for DSL today).

I'll be posting some of the other Boer goats soon.

Take care, thanks for stopping by!

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