Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Little boxes little boxes

Hey everybody!

One of the websites that I started following last year was a japanese cooking site called justhungry.com which led me to justbento.com. Maybe it was all the bright colors of bento lunches or maybe the cuteness factor food can take on.

Bento boxes are really nothing special. They are lunch boxes for food. Adults and children alike take them to work and school, families take them on outings etc. It's just food, to the west we find the brown bag, the picnic basket, to the east the bento. A myriad of food choices can be mirrored in the many choices for bento box shapes and colors.

Another facet of the bento is quick and easy fixin'. In the morning I can usually knock it out in under 20 minutes. A little night before preparation lessens that time as well and there's nary a leftover to be found in the fridge.

Here's one from this past week:
It's leftover pork tenderloin, new potatoes and green beans, Tomato, carrots and celery. emmental and some great crackers, Boiled egg and Pear.

The containers came in a set called a Mr Bento which has two hot containers and two cool or room temperature containers that stack inside another insulated container which has it's own little carrying bag. It's sweet and Em has liked the lunches so far. I'll keep taking pictures and posting them.

Ok that's it I'm falling asleep. G'night all!
PS Another one from last week:
This one had teriyaki chicken, rice, frozen vegetables, celery, carrots, orange and apple slices.

Ok that's it, bye!

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