Monday, June 28, 2010

Aquaponics for the common man

A short post about yet another experiment going on here in the sticks called "Aquaponics". Look it up. Basically it is growing plants in gravel with nothing else but water that fish live in. In the real case the fish would be edible as well as the plants. For my case I have goldfish and am growing tomatoes and basil to see how it works.

And it does. Amazing. The next step is to expand into a larger fish container and larger grow beds. You can get all of this around, but because Aquaponics is not mainstream yet you cannot get kits at a big box store.

The tomato is a cherry of course grown in the system and tasted excellent as it was consumed seconds after the picture was taken. I think if I would have trellised the plants sooner I would have had tomatoes before now. Still, no chemicals, no soil borne issues, less pests and faster to fruition than in soil seems like something to investigate don't you think? I bet a Dow/monsanto executive's buttholes just puckered.

And here is the system made of an old plastic food container, some PVC pipes and parts, a small fountain pump and a timer.

Getting Tilapia online is no problem, but shipping is a ton so the way to go is to breed which we will at some point.

On the plants side the green peppers don't like the gravel, the snow peas need a trellis, but the tomato and basil just love it so more experimentation will be needed.

Ok so that's it.

See ya!

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