Tuesday, June 22, 2010

House Post: Slab Plumbing/Electrical rough-in

Long time no post. Yes as always sorry for the delay. Nuff said, let's pretend it never happened shall we? Ok good.

A little of what has been going on during our 'summer vacation' (I think this is item 4 of 78 major things). We let the ICF contractor we wasted so much time waiting on go F himself after he gave us an outrageous bid and we have bought a log house and are now building it literally from the ground up ourselves. So without further adieu...

Here is the slab and plumbing/electrical rough-in. Thanks to Barry and Jim for all the expert advice along the way so far.

The pipes where the poop and stuff go in case you've never seen them. This is what they look like below the concrete. The comode for the first floor is the big pipe sticking up on the left. The pipe sticking up in the lower right is the drain for the kitchen sink. And the one running into the upper left is the laundry

The form for the concrete is seen at the bottom of the picture.

At this point I am finished with the plumbing over here. The top of the lumber you see running right to left is the top of the slab, and all of these pipes will be below it except for the parts that pop straight up through it.

Whew, it is hot for the puppy up here on the hill.

Electrical conduit as it leaves the grade beam showing the ground wire running into the slab. The loose end will be connected to a ground rod 8ft long and driven in to the ground to protect the house from lightning strikes.

The main drain run all the way to the septic tank area which is where the picture is taken from. This is standing at the left side of the house looking west.

The roughed in toilet, 2nd floor vent, Tub (box with the gravel) and on the right is the drain for the kitchen sink and the water supplies for the sink. Everything in a line from the bottom to the top just to the left of the trench is the water supplies in the 'plumbing wall'. This view is from the back of the house. In the upper left corner is the runs to the laundry room which will be under the stairs. And of course the deck chairs are sitting in the living room.

That's all for the moment as I have to go milk the goats (another topic).

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