Friday, September 10, 2010

Waaaaake up! A public service announcement

Hi y'all,
Wow here is a rare thing you will see me post but it's the kind of thing that tells me making clean foods for people is the right thing and we are on track.

This is an old news story from March 2010 but I just ran across it and shows pretty much how our food system is being run and why we are sick as a people. This comes from here.
"Managers at Basic Food Flavors of Las Vegas learned on Jan. 21 that samples taken a week earlier from their Nevada facility tested positive for salmonella, a potentially deadly bacterium, but they kept shipping their product to foodmakers, according to FDA inspection records."

Oh really, you know the phrase, "what happens in vegas stays in vegas" is being taken too seriously by these guys and at a gamble to you and your health. And this is just one that was caught. So, you still think your food is being handled with your health in mind? Nah I didn't think so, me either.

I should really post more happy stuff huh?
See you real soon,

PS I did catch the huge egg recall a few weeks ago. The salmonella was in the food they fed to the chickens...yes their food is tainted as well. Go check it out in the event you missed it:
"n">(Reuters) - U.S. Department of Agriculture experts knew about sanitary problems at one of the two Iowa farms at the center of a massive nationwide egg recall, but did not notify health authorities, the Wall Street Journal reported." Just awesome.

Sleep tight my lovelies.

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