Thursday, December 2, 2010

Daddy Doorbucks

Hello campers and welcome back to 'things you never thought you would build from scratch'.

This of course is another post about the log house and it's progress, with pictures!

We're up to the 6th course of logs and have added 'bucks' for the doors and windows that are touching the 6th course. At the moment there are 2 windows and 2 doors. At the 7th course of logs there will be 6 more windows. Awesome.

The buck's purpose is to give doors and windows a fixed frame to be in. The logs will settle over time and if the windows and doors were attached to the logs directly it would warp and or break them, so hurray for bucks.

Along with installing the bucks we have to notch the log the buck sits on. This to allow for the settling gap above the windows. The doors will have a gap above them as well but in that case the bottom of the log above the door is notched. Either way it is difficult. By far the best solution is a Sawzall kind of reciprocating saw with a 13", 6 teeth per inch wood blade. At first I attempted to router it out but sheesh that was tough. Then I tried a 6" blade in the saw but I needed a much longer blade to cut all the way across the log. Em picked me up some of the long blades and away I went finishing the 2 window notches fairly quickly (compared to the router that is.)

Here's the wide shot of the current progress.

For all the other windows coming up I am notching the logs 4-5" to allow for the settling gap. At this point that gap is 10 courses away.

The bucks are braced in order to keep them plum and square. It helps keep the walls going up straight as well and the braces must remain in the windows and doors until the roof sheathing is on. In other words they will be around in future picture sets.

The sand bags (amazon for the win) are filled with gravel and sand we had from a previous pile. The bottoms of the 2x4's are secured by a piece of rebar driven into the ground. Then the sandbag is placed on the end of the brace hopefully keeping it from moving throughout the construction process. That's the idea anyhow.

Another view:

Ok, so there we are. The whole process is becoming easier, and new discoveries are being made daily. Height will pose it's own issues very soon. Stay tuned!

Thanks for coming by, be safe out there,

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