Friday, December 10, 2010


Hello all,
We have some new little things here at the farm. They are from far away originally, Venezuela to be specific. These came from a very good new friend in Oklahoma. They are Dendrobate Leucomela, the poison dart frog.

Here is one I am calling 'No Spot' because of the large bands of black he (possibly she) has instead of the standard spots across the back:

It is amazing that they do not look real in person, their colors are so bright and sharp they look like plastic figurines.

I have 3 that hopefully within 8 months will mature into a combination of males and females. Then they can start doing what nature's animals do-reproduce.


Right now I have a 10 gallon aquarium I have set up as a terrarium, and have a 30 gallon I also set up for once they mature. The 10G is called the 'grow-out' tank, and the 30 is the breeding tank. Since their arrival though they have been quarantined in a 190 oz container so they can be be observed to make sure they are all healthy before their transfer to the 10G.

Here some pics of the 10gallon, I haven't taken pics of the 30G yet:

From the top:

And finally Tre

Once they are out from under quarantine they will be transferred into the 10g to grow up to maturity. For the males they begin calling when they are sexually mature. It will be easy to identify them first, if there are any that is. For the females I suppose it's a 'who isn't chirping by now' kind of thing. Oh the anticipation.

That's all for now, stay warm out there and thanks for stopping by,

PS - By the way these little guys are not poisonous in captivity because they are not ingesting all the toxins the bugs they eat in nature have, so don't panic. :)


  1. Thanks for the P.S. My first thought was, "Great. An eagle scout with poisonous frogs. This will end well."

  2. Mwaaahahahahahaaaaa! I did have sinister thoughts of feeding them fire ants to increase their toxicity once again....