Thursday, January 6, 2011

Post holiday post

Hello all and Happy New Year!

It seems as though time is indeed speeding up as I get older. This year went quick. 2011 has to be better as far as difficulty, but who knows and that's what it's all about. Run into the darkness kiddies and see what's there, but watch your cornhole.

As a wrap-up to 2010 and the holidays I can say we ended the year on a good note, saw family and friends and had much good cheer. We made out as bandits as I hope you did too. Amongst everything were really super nice gift cards to our favorite stores (heh HD and Lowe's of course) and as a final gift we received Uncle Jim gave us a Wine cooler. No no not the 'malt beverages' that flooded the 90's but a box shaped thing to keep your wine bottles in at optimum temperature.

Alas this wine cooler will see no wine, but instead cheese. Yes friends and readers we will be delving into the world of Affinage this year, the aging of cheese. This is a big step for us and we double thank Jim and Theresa for the boost into the next era of our cheese making journey.

For the Chinese Christmas I participated in I wound up with some vibrating slippers. Uhm, hurray. Strange though the left one's battery is almost dead. Anyone know something about that (name withheld)? Snicker.

Well that's really all I had. No excitement this year like last year and that was nice. We spent New Years Eve inside and the next day working on the house. All in all this season turned out pretty great. Now the new year awaits and will no doubt unfold new adventures which I will hopefully write about more often.

Take care out there, thanks for stopping by,

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