Monday, January 17, 2011

Rain rain go away, cabin building woes

Hey y'all and welcome back to the blog.

It is the wet winter we were expecting and it seems to mist just enough to make everything wet enough to not be able to work on any logs. I have some pictures of where we are at the moment though, averaging course 9 there are some still at 8 and some that are at 14 now. Enjoy:

Since this photo it has drizzled or misted almost every day. I am also out of the sealant that goes between the bucks and logs. I called the log people 2 weeks ago and am waiting for some more sealant to be sent out.

Until then we have been working on the crafts room in the barn insulating the ceiling which has gone well. We are at the point where we need drywall but again the rain stops us from going and getting some. Grr.

So, plan C is to transition the table saw area and free it of stored stuff so I can start building the cabinets for the crafts room. I have some plywood at the moment but will go fast boxing me into the 'I need a lumber run' again.

Well that's what I have from this area. Hopefully the sealant will arrive this week, and it will dry up and stop raining and we can get back to building.

This coming weekend (21st through 23rd) I am in Pleasanton TX at auto extrication class for the fire department. So, in case you are coming out here and mangle your vehicle, we can cut it off of you. Ought to be fun.

Take care out there, stay dry and thanks for stopping by,

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