Thursday, January 6, 2011

Whew, secrets are hard to keep, Post holiday post #2

Hello all,

Ok so I had a clandestine project going on before Christmas I managed to only tell 2 people about beforehand and wow was that tough, but I kind of enjoyed the secrecy.

Anyway to cut to the chase I made Emiloo a music/jewelry box for Xmas this year. And it goes a little something like this:

The top on:

The top off exposing the music box movement and jewelry area. The white is a napkin I stuffed in there while it was all drying, it helped the velvet stay in the proper shape until all the adhesive was cured.

And the bottom:

For the craftsmen out there (and craftswomen) it is made of Walnut layers laminated together. All the pieces were hand sanded to 320 grit. The finish is Tung Oil rubbed with #0 Fine steel wool between coats to bring out the grain. The end grain just shines on the sides, and the top and bottom glisten in the light. It turned out pretty good.

This little project was in Wood magazine, June 1993 I think if you would like to make it yourself. Oh and the music it plays? The beginning notes to 'The Impossible Dream'. Quite appropriate considering what we're attempting out here.

Speaking of dreams, I'm gonna go try and have some. Maybe one where I'm running from a dinosaur and then turn around and kill it with killer laser beams from my fingertips signifying my recognition of the monsters in the world and within me is the power to slay them if I would just stop running and believe I could. Yeah that would be cool...lasers.

Cheers all, Merry Christmas and Happy new year!

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