Friday, February 11, 2011

Cheese Caves and such

Hey all,
As you may know Em and I are budding cheesemakers and I may have asked some of you to be on the lookout for a free refrigerator to snag for us that we could use as a cheese cave for aging. Well stop looking because we now have 2 donated working fridges courtesy of a fellow firefighter in my neck of the woods. Hurray! Hard aged cheeses for all my friends!

You might know, or not, that Em made a brie a few weeks ago and it has been aging in the Cuisinart Wine cooler thingy since then. MMMM, it looks wonderful covered with a white fuzz of mold. We can't wait to taste it.

In other news I went to vehicle extrication class and that was a true blast. We were waaaaay too busy to take pictures (man, so sorry) but wow that was a good class. With all the new technology out there with batteries and air-bags it has gotten quite dangerous for firefighters to extricate a victim. The newer cars though have started thinking ahead in the event of a crash, they have places on a car specifically for firefighters to cut cabling to cut power for the car (so airbags don't deploy while we are saving you killing us or you accidentally). Some of the equipment we worked with was battery powered, but heavy. We also learned to use hand tools to cut you out, like a sawzall, 48" hi jack, and straps of all kinds to stabilize the car. It was all in all a great class, now if we could just get a good accident (woof that's ghoulish to say isn't it?)

Everything else out here is going great, the cabin is going up steadily (I have pics I'll post I promise), the goats are coming along and we are still on schedule for births in the beginning of April. The Frogs are all good as well. Boulle continues to learn how to herd the goats. The remaining bees are huddled together waiting for spring, I have been feeding them things called 'pollen pattties' to help get them through the winter, hopefully it helps.

Well, gotta go get on the logs even though it's all of 27 here at the moment. Maybe I can drag my feet a bit and have some more coffee...yeah that's a good idea. :)

Thanks for stopping by,

PS: Ok now if anyone runs across a big ol' walk in freezer that needs taking apart and transport for free....

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