Monday, February 14, 2011

Comin right up

Good morning campers and welcome back to the log cabin that would not quit.

Here in the following pictures you can see some of the progress as of yesterday. The corners are coming along nicely, and the front long wall section is going great and to the top of the window bucks. We have finally needed to again restock with logs from the pasture piles and have almost cleaned out one more stack of logs.

The plan is to get all sections up to the 16th course which is the course that clears the door and window bucks, from 17 to 19 is all continuous with no breaks and is all long heavy logs. I really need to get my tractor boom together as we will need it pretty soon for this. The end of log stacking we estimate to be the end of March, if the weather holds. It will be just in time for baby goats! Two things to look forward to!

Whew we can see the finish line from here. Perhaps by the end of may we will have doors and windows on and be 'dried in', again we will see. I have this plotted out in MS Project and keeping track for funsies.

So here are some cabin pics:
Before: You can see how tall all the logs will be. The log that spans the window and the two small blocks stacked ontop are 17, 18 and 19th courses. Hurray!!

After, at the end of the day:

Looking out the front door: Remember the stairs are against the same wall as the front door, then they turn left 3 steps up to continue to the second floor, the windows you see way down at the end are the bedroom that is there.

Ok speaking of I am headed up to cut/install some more logs while the weather is nice. I actually wore shorts yesterday and prolly will today!

Take care, thanks for stopping by,

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