Monday, February 14, 2011

Serious Bee post: ban on Clothianidin petitions

Hello all,
As a beekeeper, like all other beekeepers, I have been following the different theories about why we are having complete hives of bees disappear, or why the bees seem to be less and less disease resistant. Out of the many theories is the chemical theory that postulates pesticides or some other chemical is causing colony collapse disorder and other issues. The video you will see confirms this amongst other things. There are petitions that call for the complete halt of their use, please consider participating in one.

Please see this video from the site here about the leaked document from an EPA employee referencing the incomplete testing of this chemical before its use. Please please please read about this wherever you can and help if you can whatever way you can. There is also a petition here pertaining to the same chemicals to ban.

I thank you, and the bees thank you,

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