Tuesday, March 8, 2011

KS 2011 has begun!

Hello sports fans and welcome back to the little ranch that could.

Today is exciting as we embark on yet another season of goat birthing. Today we have jumped off to a great start with a goat named 'Sugar', one of Mom's Boer goats who had triplets this morning.

Here is a shot of the family:

The one in front sticking his tongue out is the one boy of the three. The other two girls look very alike, and very typical of the brown head/white body style of the Boer goat. The one nursing actually came out breach but was third so by that time the road was open and she slid right out landing on her rear end in my hands. It's ok, she recovered as you see. :)

Score: Girls-2 Boys-1

More to come!
Thanks for stopping by!

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