Tuesday, March 8, 2011

KS11 Continues

Hello again, wow, 2 posts in one day, it must be kidding season.

Ok so yeah, it is, and we have a second set of births for today. Gretchen stepped up and was next this evening. Let's begin by saying she was huge. When she sat around the pen, she sat around the pen! Being a petite goat to begin with it is hard to understand how she puts on all the weight. You may remember Gretchen for her birthing of 'Tug' who I had to assist last year (or year before, I'm too sleepy to go back and read my own posts to check atm), and this year was more of the same.

Unfortunately the largeness she accumulated meant she was going to have triplets and difficulty as well. This is due mainly to the fact that she isn't quite as large as Sugar is considering height and bone structure. The bad news is her first was born silent. By the way he was presented he was forced into the birth canal left shoulder first and prematurely, his head was bent back and he suffocated while Gretchen was in contractions or perhaps very much earlier in the day. There was no room for him in the end and he was the one next to the exit.

This would be our first stillborn since I have taken over as midwife and it has a benign sort of feeling. It's upsetting a bit but it's not a deep cut. This is clearly a different feeling than losing one 6 months old for sure. Not great but not crushing. I let Gretchen clean him for a bit allowing her to go through the mother motions not wanting to interrupt those instincts. I also knew another would be along shortly and could make him disappear in the shuffle. Some people say goats don't mourn but I have seen it so, to me, slight of hand was called for IMHO.

Don't fret too much though. The good news is the silent boy was followed by two more boys and they were indeed not silent. This is what explains the size of her of course. We were lucky in a handful of ways this day and here are two of them:

There we go, 2 down 14 more to go on this side!
Score: Girls-2 Boys-3+1 loss

If you are watching closely for ours you should tune in later in the month say around the 27th or so. Peach is scheduled to drop right around there followed closely by Plum. Ahhhh, I like these warm birthdays, it beats February births hooves down.
More to come!

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