Friday, March 11, 2011

KS11 day 4

Hello again and welcome back to kids a poppin'.

Today early to rise and drop was Beauty, she had triplets (man what's up with all the triplets?) and unfortunately only took one of them meaning Mom has two to feed by hand. 'Beauty' is a full blood and has not been a good mother in past years so this was no surprise. Mom will have fun feeding them so it's probably alright. In our herd we wouldn't accept that behavior but over on the Boer side they do consistently just let a kid 'go' and ignore it, it's just something that has become a thing about them. If you like to bottle feed goats then Boers are for you. Here is Beauty and her ONE accepted goat, which by the way was a girl, as were the other two she abandoned.

Next up to bat was a goat named 'Lucy'. She too had triplets (again I say why so many having 3's) but this goat took care of all three. And she wasn't too happy about me even being around and kept nipping at me while I was tying up bellybuttons. Here she is with her brood:

That's it so far. I'll post some pictures of the bottle babies once they are fed and have some place to sleep.

Score: Girls-7 Boys-6+1 loss

See ya! Thanks for stopping by!

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