Sunday, March 13, 2011

KS11 day 5 but not 6, and one more from day 4

Welcome back campers to the population explosion!

Being a KS post means we have more entries into the world to list. First was actually evening births on day 4 for a goat named 'Dixie' who had triplets as if there's any other amount to have this season. However, once again she has a stillborn first. Strange, but we feel it was the same as the other, no room. The remaining two are a girl and boy, both with very dark heads which is a nice change.

She is a seasoned momma and it shows. She got them all cleaned up, fed and has kept them together with her since they were delivered. Here she is with them:

On Day 5 the only doe that had kids was a goat named 'Girl'. Last year she had 2 boys, and I think the year before that she had 2 boys. So uhm, what do you think she had this year...yes 2 boys, and they were huge. Here they are, I'm already calling the blond headed one 'Brock' and the chocolate colored one 'Super Chunk'. These are going to be big big boys.:

And this little one of Emily's I am already calling 'Baron Von Overbite'

There you go, a last delivery on day 4, one on day 5 and nothing today on day 6.
Score: Girls - 8+1 loss Boys 9+1 loss
9 more rounds to go!

With no impending births we actually worked on the cabin today and moved a whole stack of logs up to the cabin location. The weather was so nice Emiloo got a sunburn. :)

I'm sure there are more on the way so I will see you soon.
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