Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Kids on the Block

Hello all and welcome back to the goat ranch 'doin' it old school!'

Well it was bound to happen, our goats have started kidding. And as always on their own schedule with no recognition to ours!

First, we had Peach who was scheduled first for Tuesday, but had her one boy on Monday morning sometime before 7am. He has a interesting white mark on his side which looks like Captain Hook's hook and thus his name might become James, that or Hookey, hmm James is better...Oh and he is huge as well, what a big beautiful boy.

And next is Plum who had three and two days early too! This was less than expected as last year she had just one (Lily) and we had just hoped that we would get two this year, but three? We are happy to report that she had two girls and one boy. This is all fantastic except that she only decided to care for one of them. Funny, the one she chose looked exactly like Lily from last year (red with a white spot.) She has decided not to take care of one female that looks like her (except for the ears), and the boy that looks like Reggie (our new buck).

Here's the trio after their afternoon snacks:

For their first day I spent most of the time in the pen getting it cleaned up, and making sure Plum fed them which she would not have if left to her own decision model. At the end of the day all were full of colostrum, I had harvested two more little bottles of it (for emergencies) and everyone was asleep.

We decided to raise them in place in their pen with the mom's. This is to give them more chances at goat socialization. Even though plum is not feeding them of her own volition she and Peach are around and doing goaty things which will help them learn in any event. For the time I am making Plum feed them but if she keeps resisting I will just take some of the milk we will be getting from them and bottle feed the kids with that. Either way I have to handle milk so it's no problem, and of course solidifies the bond between them and us (the food bringers).

Speaking of milk, we will be swimming in it again. However, this season we have decided not to waste any so there will be many more opportunities for locals and family peeps to get some cheese! AND this year we will have aged cheeses as well. Woot! Spring has sprung!

See ya!
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