Sunday, April 24, 2011

Mechanical Skills Day continued

Hello campers and welcome to day 2 of the fix the a/c saga.

Here's where we stand at the moment: I ended up going to NAPA in Bandera and they did not have the part forcing a trip to the (a) dealership somewhere in SA. And Emiloo called early to say she was getting out of Dallas as fast as she could because of bad weather rolling in. Ok no prob i still didn't have the part so I headed to SA.

After picking her up we headed over to a mexican food restaurant I remembered being a favorite over a decade ago when I lived in SA. It's called Sarita's and it's on NW Military Hwy near Braesview. I had my favorite Chimichanga plate and took the second one home as I always did way back then. And mm mmmm mm it was still as good as I remembered. Go next time you're in that town and you won't be disappointed.

Ok so back to the truck. After early dinner we found a dealership that had the part. And it was a whopping $52. Woot! I made sure it was the right piece and thunked my cash down happy that in my mind I had already saved $200 on parts. On the way home we stopped at an auto parts store and grabbed 3 cans of refrigerant, another $52, and then we shot straight out to the hills here.

The part:

I can't tell you how relieved I was at the price, now I just had to get it in there. Here at the end I can say it wasn't that bad, there was no magic. I had to take out the second battery, and the battery tray which forced me to take out the wheel well. I also took out the cold air intake, which started all of this, in order to get everything else out. See? Not too bad. Here's the pics:

This shows where the hole developed (where the blue tape is.) I put that on there in an attempt to keep moisture from being pulled into the system. It worked apparently because when I disconnected the line from the evaporator (one of the radiator looking things in the front of the engine compartment) it spewed a little with some pressure.

The bottom connection was the one to be replaced:

You can see the oily residue from the refrigerant that spewed.

With the second battery, it's tray, the cold air intake, and wheel well removed.

After a little while I had it all back in and with the new part in place. It did take me the most time to get the quick connect off, I guess that's why it's called a quick connect instead of a quick disconnect! Here's the beast all together again:

Now I wait for the vacuum pump and gauges and I can recharge the now fixed system. I'm taking Emiloo to work and maybe I can get that knocked out tomorrow.

Speaking of, we're headed to bed! Thanks for coming back, sweet dreams!


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