Monday, April 11, 2011

Something to do this summer

Hello all you mammals!

Well spring is upon us and my bee hive pours bees in and out of their front door constantly so that's good. They have completely cleaned up the pollen patties I left for them and I'm scheduled to take a peek sometime soon. Only one hive survived the winter, sigh, but the one that did survive seems strong. This also may mean that they are Africanized. Once I check I will know if I really need to requeen or if the one in there is doing good enough to keep. There are some positive qualities about the Africanized DNA so getting rid of it is not always required. Don't get me wrong, there will be no onlookers when I check the hive as if they are south of the border they will tend to all come out to see what's up and only protective gear will allow any sort of safety from a torrent of immediate stings. Woot what fun!

Anyway that's not why I called you here. What you need to do is go to YouTube and watch a video trailer about a movie coming out this summer called "Queen of the Sun: What are the bees telling us?" here . And then consider scheduling some time to see it. Pretty please.

In some same news I have put out my bait hives and am waiting anxiously to see if any swarms move in. I also have a couple of plans to build a 'Top Bar Hive' which is another way many across the world are keeping bees. And there is research that points to it being healthier for bees, albeit less productive for the beekeeper in terms of honey production. However, considering I have lost so many hives to disappearing, wax moths, and now cold weather it may point to a need for change in tactics. I am hanging in there though learning all the time so for that I am still grateful, and to be able to interact with the little ladies is always an enriching experience even if I have yet to harvest any honey. On a brighter note I have passed one milestone which is bringing a hive through a winter, which I did, one anyway. Maybe another sweeter domino will fall this year, wish me luck!

Well at the moment there are many things to say but many hours of sleep to collect as well so I will bid you adieu and wish for you wonderful dreams too.

And take your honey to the movies this summer. Don't forget!

Thanks for stopping by, take care!

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