Thursday, May 19, 2011

Catchup post

Well hello again, sorry to have had another small gap in posts.

To wrap up the Dodge is all 100% cold inside since the day after the last post. All went well and an $800 bill turned into $100 with a little elbow grease.

All of our little goatlings are doing well. They were 'wormed' meaning we gave the kids medicine to clear out some of the different species of worms that are in their body. At the moment we are still mixing goat's milk with cow milk at 50/50 ratio for the bottle kids. The kids have also started grazing as well as eating grain. So far so good.

House news: I finished the 17th course of logs yesterday which leaves only two courses left. The tractor, Warn Pullzall, bucket forks and 6" pipe boom have made getting logs up to the 10' height of the wall a cinch and all without killing myself. The count of remaining logs to stack is approximately 28. We have about 35 logs left so we should make it to the top just fine. Then we get to install the inner beams, the second level decking, and then the roof! This is months away of course, because if I said anything shorter surely it would be 4 times as long.

It rained last night which is why I have time for a post. I'll see about uploading some pictures in a little while but in the meantime I will be finishing the drywalling of the ceiling in the crafts room in the barn for the rest of the day.

Speaking of I'd better go get to it.

See you real soon!

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