Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What are you doing with your summer vacation?

Hello all you sweaters out there, I hope you're enjoying your summer!

Foof has indeed been hot. We did get an inch of rain a couple of weeks ago and that was nice, but other than that wow. It is bad to wish for hurricanes, right? Anyway this update is another general one about the haps here during the dog days of summer.

To begin we have become pretty good at handling the tide of milk that began in July once we weaned the kids off of their moms. Em and I have made pounds and pounds of cheese and if you haven't received any I guess you don't come over enough. :P Em has been concentrating on fresh cheeses and I have begun to practice with hard pressed cheeses. I have 7 Gouda wheels aging in the 'cheese cave' at the moment and they look a little something like this:

This is number 8 sitting in the brine solution. It floats! So if you're on a cruise ship and it goes down, grab a cheese wheel. Once you hit the deserted island you'll have a snack. Uh, ok, anyway floating cheese wheel in salt water :

And then freshly patted dry and ready for the cheese cave:

It will be six months before we will break into this one though as for Gouda the longer it ages the better it will taste. We did cut into the very first wheel I made but because it was a thin wheel and we wanted to see what was going on inside there. It was a tad dry and reminded me of Manchego. The first 3 wheels will suffer from this dryness as I was using the wrong size mold for the amount of curd I was putting into the mold (2 lbs of curd in a 4 lb mold, doh!). But wheels 4-8 should be right on track at about 3 lbs this first 3 weeks down from 6 lbs. I have waxed #4 and am trying to decide to wax the others or not. Some vacuum pack theirs. I see the point, cheese wax is expensive, but vacuum packing doesn't let the cheese breathe and age, so I'm torn but ultimately will perhaps wax any long term pressed cheese. We'll see.

I'm reading up on Cabra Al Vino which is also called "Drunken Goat". It's a washed curd cheese like Gouda that has a washed rind that's washed in red wine instead of a brine solution. It's also supposed to be softer on the inside and has a shorter aging period, so we'll see how that goes as well (I'll take pictures.)

Yesterday I made a cantaloupe sized ball of Queso Blanco. It was a fun experiment more than anything else to see how big it would be with 3 gallons of milk. Awesome. I'll cut it into slices for storage and handouts.

Finally we have some soaps! Some are goat's milk, and some have light scents. The dark one is Peppermint Tea, and the light one is Oatmeal and Rosemary:

For the goat soaps one has nothing in it and one has oatmeal. Goat's milk is good for your skin and I'm hoping these will sell well for people with sensitive skin:

That's all for now! Thanks for stoppingby!



  1. I LOVE Drunken Goat! It is really good with a dollop of blackberry jam on a cracker. I also recently used it in a Tuna Noodle Casserole, and it was amazing!

  2. Well cool as I have made it and it soaks in the wine as I type. It should be ready for consumption say around....Thanksgiving...heh

    Anywho I'll take some pics once the adult swim is over, and perhaps it will show up in person at a family holiday. We'll see.