Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Another Funny Honey News Story

Hello again all you American citizens concerned about your food sources!

Well here's another story about funny honey I ran across looking for local honeys near Austin, it is quite long and in depth but again shows the problem occurring across the land with what is known as 'honey', it even gives the names of samples tested that show no pollen content. Sigh.

It's on the website Food Safety News and the article can be found by clicking here. Read on and try not to be surprised if the honey you have is on the list as there are quite a few noted.

I am still looking for local sources for honey, but if you live near a farmer's market that would be the place to start. For us the closest is in San Antonio and I can't remember if I saw any honey being sold, but probably as we were searching for cheese oriented things and not honey specifically. Looks like we need a trip to SA!

I'm sick today so this post will be short, I have to save my energy to feed the goats. :)

Thanks for stopping by!
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