Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bottles go in but they don't come out (Glasscrusher update)

Hello again all you hammer users!

Well I thought I would post some pictures of the glass crushing progress. Here's what a baker's dozen of Dos XX bottles looks like all clean without labels (which btw is the longest part of this whole process-darn I should have made a mechanized label remover!):

And 8 minutes later collected as pieces in the drawer:

Tah-Dah! Beat that with your hammer...Someone asked me why I was spending my time making a glass crusher when I could just bust them up with a hammer (in truth most people asked me this.) And this is why, 10 minutes for a single bottle using a hammer, or 13 bottles in 8 minutes using the Crushinator. And with another 300 bottles or more to go you see what I'm saying, yes?

Now I can turn to making some molds for concrete pouring and polishing tests which I'll post some pictures of later. These test pieces will more than likely wind up as rainspout diverters, pathway tiles or pot trivets. You might even be lucky enough to get one for Christmas, but don't hold your breath unless you've been good for goodness sake.

See ya!

PS Again please save any blue bottles you have laying around (I'm talking to you you Sky Vodka drinkers!) Brown bottles are good too, and you wine drinkers save your amber and dark green bottles as well (those that drink box wine can ignore this request.) :)

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