Monday, January 30, 2012

As the bee turns

As if problems for bees with Dow and Bayer products was not enough the following news has emerged.

Gosh I really hate giving bad news, or espousing omens to bad news but I ran across some talk of a future full of litigation in reference to bees. Monsanto has purchased the Israeli owned company Beelogics which is the proverbial wolves guarding the chicken house, or maybe a wolf in bee's clothing. Beelogics WAS in the business of making bees healthier and saving them, I don't think Monsanto has the same beneficial goals. But that's me and my paranoid view of petroleum based, litigation heavy big Ag and apparently the opinion of every other person I've seen who heard this news has reacted the same kneejerk way.

The assumption (based in their past actions) is that they will patent bee genes and once they get a patent on bee genes, then release it into the wild, if your hives are found to have that gene in your bees, then you get sued for use without payment. Kind of like what happened to corn farmers. That is scary to think, but is how it has occurred with them in their seed enterprises and anything else they put their grubby claws into. So people (beekeepers) are now worried this will occur in bees as well. Awesome. Or they will develop some mutant GM bee that will only pollinate their seeded crops and all other bees will be killed off by a newly developed pesticide they develop or something equally horrible like, oh I don't know, something like Africanized bees (which will be called Monsantoized bees.) All for cash, hurray for capitalism at all costs. Screw you humans who aren't stockholders. Word.

We could all be wrong I suppose, but as they say you cannot change a leopards spots.

Look it up! Start watching what they do. Needless to say all beekeepers are tuned in for the next chapter in this horror movie called the bee's life.

Sorry for the potential bad news, I promise to post something wonderful as soon as it happens. :)


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