Monday, January 9, 2012

As if

Hello wannabe living human organisms!

In case you haven't been keeping up with nature news there's a new problem for honey bees that may have been discovered. It's a parasitic fly that lays it's egg on the bee in the abdomen area and the egg hatches killing the bee. Before that actually happens the bee starts behaving like what some call a zombie walking around in circles in the hive, not attending to her duties and then finally exiting the hive at night to wander off and die. So far no one is sure where these flies have come from but they have been discovered in a large number of colonies sampled thus far.

Nature seems to be getting crueler towards the bees and making it more difficult for them for some reason. I'm not sure why nature would do this unless it's trying to get rid of us because as we all should remember Einstein's quote that humans would be extinct within 4 years of the honey bee becoming extinct. That's pretty amazing considering how smart we think we are as humans to be so ultimately dependent on a small insect many humans don't care about.

Soon I should be posting a list of pesticides available to humans that kill honey bees in the hopes you will rid your cupboard of them and convince others you know to do the same. We are talking about extinction of two valuable species and all.

Zombie bees. One more problem for bees, in essence one more problem for us. Again I urge you to support your local beekeepers and your local bees, it just might save your life.

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