Friday, January 20, 2012

Just call me Sandy

Hello all you living in already built houses made of smooth wood!

News on the house front, finally. Hurray we have our replacement beams and the rest of our wood, finally. If you've been following along you will know that we have been waiting what seems forever to get the balance of the wood for our log house kit. Now we have it and work has begun again. At the moment I am concentrating on finishing all the beams so we can progress to getting them up into place.I also managed to run the huge forklift we rented and bring everything that was in the lower pasture up to the house location, I definitely got my money's worth out of that forklift. Poor thing didn't know what it was in for when it was delivered!

I have 41 beams total to sand and finish (with the help of Emiloo of course) and should be finished by 2015. Hopefully that's a joke and have been making my way through them this week pretty well between the heavy morning dew and some light rain showers.

I have hit a small snag. I ordered some 40 grit belts for my sander and I have snapped 3 so far well before their time. I researched to see if anyone else is having this same problem and found people talking about it and how they aren't supposed to give way at the glue seam but how if they are old they get brittle and can end up not lasting very long. I might be considering returning them if I can as they are kind of expensive per belt to have this happening only to them. Either way the 60 grit belts are doing fine but take a bit longer, but if you factor in stopping to let the belt cool down on the 40's it turns out to be less time using the 60's per beam, so there we are.

I might have mentioned I have a friend that has a crane truck that is enlisted to help with the setting of the beams once they are ready. To be ready we have some tasks to accomplish. First we need to make sure we have chosen the placements for the brackets and installed all the brackets. These are on the outside walls and there are 20. Then I need to cut notches 3" deep in the end walls to support the ends of the girders. I have already installed the bottom of the posts and their anchors so that is done. However I still need to cut the 2 6x6 posts to proper length and attach the bottom plate to them. Then if we are feeling lucky we can decide on whether or not to attach the brackets to the girders before we lift them into place, which if we pay attention to measuring tasks we should be able to get away with that and will make the beam installation go quicker (which my friend with the truck will surely appreciate.)

So there we go, a bunch of sanding, some measuring, some notching and we are off to the beam races. Then I can get started on the roof! Woot! We will be one step closer to being dried in. I will be happy to just have all the heavy lumber out of the way.

It's a good thing the days are going to be getting longer as we go into summer, it will give me extra time to work on the house in amongst all the other tasks (goats etc.)

Well that's it, I gotta go shower off all the sawdust. Thanks for stopping by!

Jimily (Sandy)

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