Thursday, January 26, 2012

Orchard is clear

Hello all you progress loving peoples!

Well the deed is done, the rotting oaks have been felled. Here's some pictures of before and after of the orchard.

And here's why those trees needed to be chopped. The missing middle is not obvious from the outside, but our experiences over the past few years have helped us make these decisions. We hate to cut down trees in general (except the invasive Juniper) but it had to be done. The small ring around the outside is the only thing keeping the tree up. A good rain along with a good wind would just push these down easily. A 60 ft tree crashing down is no fun for anyone or anything in it's path.

And this one was well on it's way...

And a few goaty pictures as well. This is Plum looking only slightly pregnant. I'll have to get one of Sassafrass as she is already carrying what seems to be triplets. Plum on the other hand barely shows her pregnancy and surprised us last year with triplets.

And sisters if you can believe it. The red one is Lily and the black one you may recognize as Laurel, both are daughters of Plum. This year Lily is pregnant and we have high hopes for her kids. Laurel has another year and will be bred this coming November to a buck that we will have to get at some point this year as Reggie is her Father. Here they are:

Ok, well that's all for now, it's sunny and I have to go uncover the beams to dry them a bit before sanding starts up again. Thanks for stopping by!

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