Monday, February 6, 2012

Bloom Report

Hello all of you out there in flowerless readerland!

I have a bloom report of the flowers currently blooming out here in the Texas Hill Country during this ultra-mild winter.

We only have a handful so don't get too jealous:

Peach Blossoms with a hover fly or Syrphid fly on it. I haven't seen any bees on this tree yet. This tree is two years old and about 5ft tall. It looks like there will be about 20 or so peaches if there isn't a hard freeze before it truly gets warm this year. This is a good start though!

Narcissus: This is blooming like crazy and is all over the place around the house. I never much cared for the smell of the flowers but the hover flies and bees sure do. It has a yellow-orange pollen I think the bees are bringing back a bunch of.

Rosemary: The bees are all over this as well.


Johnny Jump Ups


And some unknown teeny tiny little flowers out in the pasture which the bees love love love. They replaced the teeny blue flowers that were blooming last week but have all been pollinated by now. The little ones on the star shaped leaves are really really small, like BB size small.

We have had outstanding temps for blooms and the bees have been bringing a combination of white and orange pollen back from wherever they are going.

Sanding has slowed due to sprinkling rain and generally wet weather. I have managed to get the hives I am building sanded and am waiting to get some more wood to finish them.

Today I collected volleyball size rocks for the orchard flowerbeds and whew I am bushed, I'll sleep good tonight. I have also been cutting the felled oaks into firewood, again whew.

That's all for now, we are headed out to give the goats their evening hay before they bed down, which is where I am headed soon as well.

Thanks for stopping by!

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